Community Park Fitness Memberships are available to anyone 10 years & up!
1825 Short Street, Lisle
Monday-Friday 5:00am-7:00pm
Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-4:00pm
CPF Fitness Memberships


Community Park Fitness will close on March 30, 2024

The recently completed Lisle Park District Strategic Master Plan has recommended several priorities. One of those is to expand adult and senior citizen fitness and wellness programs. We have seen steady participation in programs like yoga and Zumba for example, and we intend to expand those opportunities moving forward. However, another recommendation from the plan is to consider alternative uses of the fitness center itself because, “The facility has limited users and the use may already be well provided in the community by other operators.” This statement, coupled with our direct observations of declining membership and escalating operating costs, has caused staff to present the Board of Park Commissioners with a recommendation to consider other uses of that space that do not require subsidy. Other possible uses include multi-purpose space to accommodate the increased demand we have seen for camps, special events, group rentals, art/theater and cultural enrichment classes, and more adult and senior fitness programs. These other uses would be geared to have a positive effect on the financial position of the park district, as opposed to being a revenue drain.

The future of Community Park Fitness has been a topic of conversation at the Board of Park Commissioners' meetings this past fall and we are grateful for the members who have attended these meetings and for those who have voiced their opinions. At the October meeting, the Park Board directed staff to prepare a 2024 budget that reflects three (3) months of fitness center operations – operations through March 30, 2024. For what it’s worth, staff are saddened by this situation as we fully appreciate the important role Community Park Fitness has played in many people's lives over the years. We recognize the relationships formed there amongst members and between members and our staff are indeed special.

Moving forward, staff are working with other fitness center operators in the immediate vicinity with similar membership rates to develop opportunities Community Park Fitness members can explore, including the park districts of Downers Grove and Woodridge. Staff will send out additional information regarding existing membership terms for current members and details about these new opportunities as they are formalized over the coming weeks.

Fitness Memberships are open to everyone 10 years & over!

Ages 10-13 must be accompanied by and under the constant and immediate supervision of an adult 18 years or older at all times. Only one child per adult.

Ages 14 & 15 must complete a short facility orientation before using the facility unsupervised.

WHERE TO PURCHASE YOUR MEMBERSHIP: Memberships are available for purchase at Community Park Fitness and the Lisle Recreation Center registration desk located at 1925 Ohio Street. Membership ID cards are required for entry and will be issued when you sign up for your membership. All members will need to create an account / family account in our new registration system in order to receive your membership card.

For more information, please fill out our contact form, or contact us at or 630-353-4318.

Memberships will NOT auto renew. Each member will need to sign up for an additional month to continue after their 1-Month membership expires.
  R / NR Fee
Individual $41 / $49
Couple** $64 / $77
3-Person Family* $81 / $97
4-Person Family* $99 / $119
5-Person Family* $115 / $138
60+ Active Adult $30 / $36
Student*** $35 / $42

Daily Fee

Member R / NR Fee
Individual $8 / $10

Punch Cards

# of Punches R / NR Fee
10 Punches $60 / $72
All fitness memberships are non-refundable.

Daily Fee: If you want to workout occasionally, but don't want to pay for a membership you have the option to pay a daily fee.

Punch Cards: Have a busy schedule and can’t commit to a regular workout, or maybe you’re considering making a commitment to begin a fitness program? Purchase a digital punch card to start your healthy lifestyle! Each card has a value of 10 daily visits to the fitness center for a special rate. If you run out of punches you can purchase another 10 visits or choose one of our affordable memberships. The opportunity is yours and the benefits are endless! Punch cards are non-transferable and must be used one year from purchase. Any unused punches may not be applied for membership purchase.

*A family is identified as parent(s) and/or any unmarried children under 21 who are living at a single address. Other relatives, babysitters, nannies, etc. may not be included on the family membership.

**A couple is identified as two individuals residing at the same address. Both individuals must show proof of residency in the same household through utility bills, paycheck stubs, driver’s licenses, etc.

***A student is identified as a person under the age of 24 who can show proof of current enrollment in high school or college courses.